Unleashing Freedom

Unleashing Freedom

Meet Our Founders Carl and Romeo

Meet our founder, me Carl Stainthorpe. I’m a City Dog owner from Dublin who found myself on the wrong end of a bike accident in 2019, I completely destroyed my right wrist and was left with some nasty arthritis (bummer!).

At the time, I was an electrician and studying to be an
engineer, a decision that, in hindsight, proved fortunate as it turned out working
with my hands for 40 hours a week were over. I had to give up working with
tools altogether, and I struggled with all hand-related tasks (all of them!).

Unlike working on building sites, one thing I was not
willing to give up was walking Romeo (my dog). Every time I held his lead, it served as a painful reminder of that unfortunate accident, giving me an aching hand (a feeling familiar to those with arthritis). I experimented with different leads that I didn't have to hold, but they only irritated me even

Driven by my engineering instincts, I started experimenting and I created a game-changing lead—at least for me! I developed a fully adjustable lead that could be worn around the waist or across the body (my favourite way), virtually eliminating any pain I experienced while walking Romeo.

This invention has transformed my life in many ways. I use
it every day for a pain-free walk with my dog, and now, I also sell these innovative hands-free dog leads all over the world.

The Madra World community includes people like me, dealing with painful joints that make holding a traditional lead hard, as well as regular City Dog owners who simply want an extra hand for holding their flat white and taking a cute picture of their dog for Instagram. I cater to both!

I hope you and your furry best friend find yourself at home
with us. Welcome to Madra World.