Who we are

From the cafe to the park, where dogs and people coexist this is our home. Madra is an urban lifestyle brand founded to connect dogs, people and the city. We handmake premium dog gear to help you navigate urban environments

Our drive

We are driven by a passion to create items of expression that make life that bit more exciting for the dogs and people who wear them.

This mission started for us when we grew tired of the infinite number of online pet brands that flood the pet product market and all look the same (anyone on dog social media knows the ones we are talking about). In todays market no one really makes anything themselves, they send their logo to a manufacturer they find on the internet that prints it onto a blank mass produced product ( have you ever why they all look the same?). Their are some brands that make their own but most of these are usually hobbyists whos products lack the quality you get from a factory.

What we do

Madra World bridges the gap between these two worlds by matching world class quality with small urban design studio personality. We handmake all our own bespoke products in our studio in Dublin, Ireland. Everything we do has the goal of bringing more functionality and creativity to the dogs and people in the city. We know what is timeless and by keeping our ear to the ground we know what is trending and use this to pioneer a new bold distinguishable look.

Welcome to the city dog family

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