"There is no point in building in something if it meant people or our planet will suffer"

Madra World started with a massive focus on the ethics of how we will operate. Our core sustainability beliefs are, there is no point of building something if it means people or our planet is going to suffer.

This why Madra creates of all its products with its own in house sewing technicians.

While we are still figuring out how to best minimise our impact on the Earth with our materials that we use. What we do is opt for durable materials that are long lasting, we also offer cheap repairs to any of our Madra products

Redefining the City Dog Experience

Madra is an urban lifestyle brand founded by Romeo and Carl (Romeos owner) to give you and your best friend the tools you need to embrace City Dog life. We ethically make premium dog gear to help you and navigate the busy urban environments. Not only do we relieve pain for arthritis sufferers we make everyday life for you and your best friend that much more easier.

Unleash Freedom and Embrace the City

Dont choose between taking a cute picture of your dog or taking a sip of coffee ever again. Un-leash your hands (get it?) with our City Leads and fully embrace the City Dog life. We are on a mission to redefine the city dog experience with our functional and fashionable City Leads (Hands-free lead).

Our Design Principles

Madra World bridges the gap between world-class quality and the distinctive personality of a small urban design studio.

All our bespoke products are handcrafted in our studio in Dublin, Ireland. We know what is timeless and by keeping our ear to the ground we know what is trending and use this to pioneer a new bold and distinguishable look.